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Technical Features to Look for in White Label SEO Company

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015

Is your company looking for a white label Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company? Choosing such a business can be a wise choice, as it allows you to focus your company’s personnel and financial resources on other priorities, while providing the ability to be anonymous to third parties such as clients. White label companies such as at can provide a wide array of technical features including:


  1. On-page optimization

It’s critical for online companies to have information about their websites, as well as information about how to optimize the content. On-page optimization is the solution. It provides valuable reports about your website’s traffic, and how to optimize the pages for search engine optimization.


  1. Links published

This is another critical tool as it provides information about the power and relevancy of various websites. This is critical as companies often make the wrong assumption that simply including links on their websites will increase web traffic. Instead, this will happen when the “right” links are added to a website.


  1. Page Tests

This is a powerful tool that checks for duplicate content, broken links, speed, etc. It’s a useful tool as it provides valuable information about the various pages of a website. This is critical as it will show which pages are up-to-par, and which ones need tweaking or revamping. One of the key benefits of this feature is that it can be quite challenging to conduct without the right tools. On the other hand, a white label SEO company can provide such information much easier by using diagnostic tools, helping to save your company time, effort, and money. This can be exponentially beneficial for large websites.


  1. Fresh articles

This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, and a white label SEO company can definitely help. Original articles are critical as it not only serves as a way of advertising your site, but also helps to provide useful, practical information to current and potential customers. When people can get information from your website that’s unavailable anywhere else on the web, it’s definitely a plus.


  1. Real-Time reporting

This feature provides up-to-date information that’s valuable to clients and resellers. This is critical as clients will want to know information regarding your website’s content as it affects any business transactions between the two parties. Meanwhile, resellers will also be interested in your website’s content, in terms of which content it’s interested in using to market its products and services. Providing updated reporting is one of the best ways to provide this information to customers and resellers.


  1. Social signals

This is definitely a valuable tool due to the importance of social media to e-commerce. It can be a powerful tool, showing an increase in Twitter/Facebook Likes and Shares, which is critical in tracking how effective your website’s content is. Other analytics are certainly critical, as social media figures don’t necessarily lead to more sales. However, social signals are certainly valuable as they cause spikes in content sharing including articles, photos, and videos.

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Types of Social Media Marketing Strategies

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017

Starting your business through using a social media platform is essential for your growth. So, this means that you’ll need to have an objective in making sure that you can connect with your clients especially in answering all of their concerns. To help you become successful in your business venture, you will need to make sure that everything that you are posting must be relatable to all people. Having to use a social media strategy such as at  is a must for you so that there is growth in the production and to have more clients as well. Here are the following goals that you will need to make.


  1. Business goals- identifying your goals is critical. That means that you will have to make sure that you understand the nature of your business. Work the best you can to make your dreams come true for your business. Being goal oriented is what makes every business marketer favorable to their venture. Personalizing your goals will give you the option of weighing your decision, and the good thing about social media is that you can contribute by becoming an inspiration to people who are new to the business website.
  2. Choosing goals- there are indeed many goals, and in order for you to have a standard goal, you will have to classify them according to how you want things to happen. For example, primary goal that is about six months and secondary goal that is about three months for you to reach it. If your goal is all about generating leads in your sales, so that means that you are considering this type of goal in your business. You must set objectives as well for you to follow your aim.
  3. Identify your customers- if you happened to have a business in which it is decreasing regarding social engagement, then maybe your target is not primarily what you need. If you understand the nature of your business, then that means you can target your market. It is important that you use tools to have a goal marketing. This is essential in making your business grow. How you’re going to target your market by knowing the age bracket, interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies, objections and their motivations.
  4. Research- another strategy that you shouldn’t miss out is to research about your competition. Looking at their performance and comparing it to yours matters very much. The only way for you to keep up with competition is to be involved with activities that pertain to competing with other business that has the same interest with you.
  5. Choose tactics and more channels- stop wasting time in making your business grow. It is important that you display passion in keeping things right for your need. The fact that you’ll need to know is that most of your customers are spending their time almost 90% of their time looking and browsing at social media.
  6. Content strategy- of course, a website is not a good page if there are no content. Most business marketers uploads their blogs about their company and their products as well.
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Why You Should Use One Agency For SEO and PPC!

Posted by on Feb 20, 2017

Until recently, it was common practice to split your digital marketing between an agency specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO) and one specialising in pay per click advertising (PPC). This approach made sense as agencies often focused on one aspect over the other.

As digital marketing has established itself as an essential facet of business, the lines between these two forms of marketing have blurred and now it is arguably a more sensible choice to keep all aspects of your digital marketing strategy under one agency’s roof. If anything, SEO and PPC are becoming increasingly important to each other. Companies like can really help.

If you look at a search result page on Google, you will note that the list of results is more often a mixture of both paid and organic listings. Google has announced plans to include paid adverts and pins in local search results and search results on Google Maps so it is fair to assume that integration of SEO and PPC is only going to increase. Google has been the leading name in online advertising for so long that when many people think of Adwords when they think of PPC.  This made appearing in targeted search essential, meaning that SEO and PPC could be placed under the umbrella term of ‘search marketing’. Then social media rose in prominence.

With networks such as Facebook and Twitter becoming ever more influential, PPC developed to mean paid search as well as paid social, which muddied the waters as social and content marketing were added to the mixture. It is now common for your SEO to reference content marketing and your PPC expert to extoll the benefits of social media. Digital marketing is no longer a selection of separate practices managed by different professionals; they work in conjunction with each other. A successful digital marketing campaign will include aspects of SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing. Remember that PPC and SEO go hand in hand.

When digital marketing was in its infancy, employing different agencies to cover different roles was commonplace. You would have one on board to handle website design, one for further development and optimisation and a range of others, depending on the number of different marketing channels you pursued. It was unwieldy and difficult to manage.

There was no such thing as a unified marketing campaign; each was only interested in their chosen practice.

By bringing everything under one banner, you cut out any competition that may grow between the agencies you use. Everyone is clear on the aim of the campaign and can work in unison to see to its maximum potential. When PPC needs to take the lead, it can. If those working on the PPC campaign need assistance from the SEO team, they are there ready to help; there is no waiting for returned calls or a lengthy email conversation.

To take control of your company’s digital marketing strategy, bring all facets of your online marketing under one roof. You will not regret it.


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Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by on Dec 6, 2016

When you’re starting out as a company it’s important to take care of your finances. Although many established companies spend millions on their marketing function, it’s something which can be done effectively for relatively no budget. There are marketing agencies out there that cover a huge range of topics and one of these topics is a reputable Marketing Agency for Healthcare. Whether you work for a totally different industry or just purely in healthcare, you can make a difference to your team even on the tiniest of budgets. There are five ways you can really save some cash for your marketing department and if you use these, you can maximise your marketing potential with a leftover cash injection for the company in other departments.

Marketing Agency for HealthcareWith social media consultants and marketing agencies all vying for contracts with major companies, it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs can forget that social media is a resource which is entirely free, and easy-to-learn. If your marketing budget allows it, getting an agency onboard can be advantageous. They have staff who’ve had experience of making dormant feeds into successful ones, and drive ROI through new channels. They aren’t essential however. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, it costs nothing to make accounts on all the necessary channels – so build a strategy and dedicate a lot of time to learning how social can have an effect on your marketing campaigns. Conferences aren’t just a great way for companies to share knowledge, they also give smaller organizations an opportunity to stand in front of a group of likeminded business people who might ultimately be ready to invest in a company at the start of its journey.

Public speaking isn’t everybody’s strongpoint, so it won’t be the favourite option for every marketing department – but having someone who’s capable of delivering inspiring speeches might be the key to find investors who want to be part of your journey. You should be willing to sacrifice a few sales in the form of freemium subscriptions or sample products if your marketing department isn’t cash-rich. Giving your customers a ‘try before you buy’ is useful in two ways. Free items or services can be used as incentives for customers to interact with you across social media, and can even be used on occasions when you need people to participate in surveys. An opportunity to sample a product before it’s bought is essential because it allows them to buy with confidence.

If you’re a young company, it’s essential that you try and build trust with your potential clients. The notion of ‘networking’ is riddled with cliches – ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ and ‘put yourself out there’ are just two that come to mind. Networking is, however, a vital part of modern business and cash-strapped marketing departments should not overlook it. Opportune meetings can lead to new sales leads, so it’s important that companies take every chance to network. It’s also the best way for your company to grow organically, with word of mouth from the right people playing a key part in future sustained growth.

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