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Technical Features to Look for in White Label SEO Company

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015

Is your company looking for a white label Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company? Choosing such a business can be a wise choice, as it allows you to focus your company’s personnel and financial resources on other priorities, while providing the ability to be anonymous to third parties such as clients. White label companies such as at can provide a wide array of technical features including:


  1. On-page optimization

It’s critical for online companies to have information about their websites, as well as information about how to optimize the content. On-page optimization is the solution. It provides valuable reports about your website’s traffic, and how to optimize the pages for search engine optimization.


  1. Links published

This is another critical tool as it provides information about the power and relevancy of various websites. This is critical as companies often make the wrong assumption that simply including links on their websites will increase web traffic. Instead, this will happen when the “right” links are added to a website.


  1. Page Tests

This is a powerful tool that checks for duplicate content, broken links, speed, etc. It’s a useful tool as it provides valuable information about the various pages of a website. This is critical as it will show which pages are up-to-par, and which ones need tweaking or revamping. One of the key benefits of this feature is that it can be quite challenging to conduct without the right tools. On the other hand, a white label SEO company can provide such information much easier by using diagnostic tools, helping to save your company time, effort, and money. This can be exponentially beneficial for large websites.


  1. Fresh articles

This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, and a white label SEO company can definitely help. Original articles are critical as it not only serves as a way of advertising your site, but also helps to provide useful, practical information to current and potential customers. When people can get information from your website that’s unavailable anywhere else on the web, it’s definitely a plus.


  1. Real-Time reporting

This feature provides up-to-date information that’s valuable to clients and resellers. This is critical as clients will want to know information regarding your website’s content as it affects any business transactions between the two parties. Meanwhile, resellers will also be interested in your website’s content, in terms of which content it’s interested in using to market its products and services. Providing updated reporting is one of the best ways to provide this information to customers and resellers.


  1. Social signals

This is definitely a valuable tool due to the importance of social media to e-commerce. It can be a powerful tool, showing an increase in Twitter/Facebook Likes and Shares, which is critical in tracking how effective your website’s content is. Other analytics are certainly critical, as social media figures don’t necessarily lead to more sales. However, social signals are certainly valuable as they cause spikes in content sharing including articles, photos, and videos.

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Jobs You Can Have After Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Apprenticeships

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016

Jobs You Can Have After Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Apprenticeships

Different digital marketing jobs are out there that you can choose after your digital marketing and social media marketing apprenticeships. But you can choose something that is closer to your craft after you have finished the apprenticeship. It is good to assess yourself first so you can enjoy more the job that you will be choosing. Digital marketing career is really enjoyable and you should explore it more.

After digital marketing and social media apprenticeships you can choose:

Working on laptop

Online Copywriter

An online copywriter is skilled and talented in writing persuasive advertisements online. Their job is to put advertisement in to words to make money through online advertising. After apprenticeship this is something that you can do as a craft. Since you have learned how to search for the target viewers or audiences online it would be easier for you to do the job as an online copywriter.

Digital Marketing Assistant

The digital marketing assistant is going to take care of how to reach the target audience. In the apprenticeship you are going to be doing online contents that will make your audience engage to the website. The website will be about the brand of the client you are working with. To get the possible lead there should be target audience that will visit the site. From there you can build a community that can help you in targeting the higher sale goal of the client. To know more about digital marketing and social media apprenticeship just visit the website

Social Media Manager

This is another job that you can have after the digital marketing and social media apprenticeship, being a social media manager. This is getting involved in social media websites and getting the brand closer to the target audience. Since today the target audience is now in social media it is best to be skilled on how to interact to them, by displaying engaging advertising on the popular social media websites. The website for digital marketing and social media apprenticeships is

seo concept

SEO Specialist

Making the website visible and top to the search engines is the job of the SEO specialist. During apprenticeship you have learned how to make websites to be top of the search engines such as Google. You can also make some strategies on how to maintain the websites ranked positive by the analytics. After your apprenticeship you can absolutely turn to SEO as your craft.

Digital marketing and social media apprenticeships can absolutely help you in achieving the digital marketing career that you want to take. Those jobs above are just the few of the jobs that you can choose after the apprenticeship. To make sure you pick the right job that you want, check on where you are going to excel more. During apprenticeship you will know exactly what you are enjoying and after that you will know the best job that suits you. You can integrate the other things that you have learned to the chosen career path that you will be taking.

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Best Ideas for Marketing your Business

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016

The ways to reach out to your target consumers are countless. Print and Television advertising have become so costly that they are often not applicable and feasible for small business owners. If you are on a budget there are still plenty of ways to touch base with your target consumers and here is a list of some of them.

WBWKY1FQ2IUse Social Media

The game of marketing has evolved a lot that it took on a new form and has taken a new platform to battle on. The coming of social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram all took the media market by storm. It did not only change the way we looked at and do things in our personal lives but it also changed how business is done. If you wish to advertise your business social media is the newest and most effective way to reach out to your consumers without incurring huge costs.

Customized Calendars


People will need to check the time and date once in a while making a watch and a calendar a common sight to see every day. If you want to remind people about your business every day then give them one of these items. A watch is something expensive and may not be cost effective for your but a calendar customized with your business name and marketing slogan is a lot more doable. Calendars customized at are excellent marketing tools that last all year round.

Have a Website

If you took the first advice to strengthen your presence on social networking and social media sites, the next step is to create your online home or branch that will officially represent your business. Owning a website with comprehensive information about your products and services is a marketing essential. Having a website will give your consumers the impression that your business is legal and serious with its aim to deliver high quality products and services to its consumers.

Sponsor an Event

If your business has already grown large enough then you may be able to sponsor a TV show like The Voice, but unless you have grown your assets to millions of dollars this option is not feasible. An alternative way to improve your brand presence and familiarity is to sponsor smaller events that go for a cause. These events should not cost you so much to do. You can begin by sponsoring a marathon or a clean-up drive.

Free Products

If you are selling food and you want to attract more people to actually by the product then you should give them a taste from a smaller piece. If they like it then they may end up buying and paying for the whole. Consumers are skeptical these days, so most of the time they want to test the product before they actually buy it.

There are many ways to advertise your business and the ways have become more creative in recent years. The correct selection of a marketing plan is critical to the success of any business.

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Advantages of Investing Sales Business Folder

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016

You earn income basically through the investments that you are putting in your business. You need to do your best for you to reach your goals and being excellent and going the extra mile is one way for you to flourish not just in the event of making money but also through the lives of those whom you have made connections with. Investment is your asset. The moment you start to decide to take that one step of change in your business career that means you are willing to take risks.

One way for a business to reach its goals is to do their best in order to reach sales through marketing tools such as the sales business folder. Investing for marketing materials is necessary because you will be able more engaging in conducting business meetings to your potential clients. You will be able to magnify the quality service and the product that you are introducing to your clients. For you to have more knowledge in investing for marketing business tools you need people who can help you decide the kinds of business folders to use such as the with the details as to what sort of folder to be used, the kind of print outs that you prefer and many more. As you rely on their expertise it is essential that you are making business partners out of them for any future graphic designs and print out.


Every business has their own trademark and these trademarks come in variations but for most companies having a paper trademark is a unique idea. This means that investing in a kind of paper for your company is an innovative expression of attracting your clients. Frustrating as it may sound, that is one point for your clients to remember you: through the use of that specific piece of material. An example of this is investing for a business folder tool in marketing your products. The better the folder looks with the eye-catching design it has helps in capturing your client’s attention.

There are different types of folder designs in which you can ask your graphic designer about. Here are types of business folders that you might consider asking your design contractor about. Embossed folder design- this kind of folder has a tri-fold design brochure that you can put promotional materials in. Clay project kit folder- this has a feature of an elegant cloth and also has a promotional kit. Healing center logo- this has a bright imagery suited for companies that offer healing help. Island conversation embossed folder- this will feature the company’s logo on the cover page twice and inside the folder will have curved pockets in which you can put your promotional tools. Corporate promo folder- this type of folder is used for a higher end business corporate function. Quilogy pocket folders- this uses a luxurious uncoated heavy stock paper which also has a custom pockets.

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